PLA2018 Conference App

The Paperless Lab Academy goes Paperless

Take your event booklet in your pocket and download the PLA2018 app. You´ll find all related information about the agenda, speakers, workshops, exhibition Map and benefit great opportunities of networking and meeting people of your interest.

Downloading and Activating the App

search "Paperless Lab Academy" in your app store / Google Play

Account CreationPLA2018 conference app

Enter the  same email address you´ve used to register at the event.  

Then add a personal password of your choice

A confirmation message will then be sent to you for verification.

Once confirmed, sign-in and edit your account

PLA2018 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Technical Questions

What type of device do I need in order to use the PLA2018 Conference App? 
- Android Devices: The PLA2018 Conference App runs on all Android devices with Android OS 4.1 and above.

-Apple devices (iPhone or iPad): The PLA2018 Conference App runs iOS 8.0 or higher.

Search “PAPERLESS LAB ACADEMY” in your app store / google play

How can I check the version of iOS on my iPhone or iPad?
To check the version of iOS on your device, select "Settings," "General" and then "About." Scroll down the page until you see "Version."

I have downloaded the app from the iTunes store, but don’t remember my Apple ID Password. How can I find it?
To have your Apple ID Password emailed to you, go to "Settings" on your device and select "iTunes & App Stores," and then select "Apple ID" (please note, you will need to remember this for the final step) and "iForgot." You will then be prompted to enter your Apple ID from the previous screen to retrieve your password.

Do I need an Internet connection to use the app?
An Internet or data connection is required to download the app and download documents within the app (PDF documents). Once documents have been downloaded inside the app, Internet is NOT required to view information on an ongoing basis, access materials, and take notes.

In order to receive notifications, interact with the app for messaging and use web-based elements of the app, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and view websites, Internet access is required.

What username and password do I use to access the app?
The PLA2018 Conference App is available for free download from the iTunes store (for iOS users), Google Play (for Android users). Once downloaded, the app can be activated as follows:

Enter the same email address you´ve used to register to the event and a personal password of your choice. A confirmation message will then be sent to you for verification. Once confirmed, sign-in and edit your account.

If you already logged in and you don’t remember your password, click on "Forgot your password?" on the App main screen to have it emailed to you. You can then enter those login details and begin using the PLA2018 Conference App immediately.

Afterwards, select "Edit Account" on the App intro screen. Enter the contact details you´d like to share and begin accessing the content immediately.

Who do I contact for PLA2018 Conference App technical support?
For technical support, please contact the PLA2018 hostess Ms. Giulia Mussi via the app. 

You can also contact her via email or phone +39 338 9372772

  • Using the App

How do I modify the settings I selected when I logged into the app (e.g. ability to save favorites to my calendar, edit my profile, etc.)?
Settings can be modified by selecting the  gearshift Settings icon in the top right corner of your main screen profile then selecting the gearshift icon again. If you opted to receive event notifications and share messages with other attendees of the event, you can edit your user profile in the notification settings.

Can I create a personal list of my favorite presentations, workshops and exhibitors?
Yes. To create a list of your favorite presentations, workshops and exhibitors, select the star to the right of the title. "Favorited" items can be found under "Favorites & Notes" in the main menu page.

Your list of favorites can be reached anytime by clicking the  star on the right bottom corner of the app.

How do I download documents from PLA2018 App?
Pdf documents (brochures, presentations) can be downloaded individually by clicking on their name. You should be able then to save them to your own cloud system

How do I download speakers´ presentations from the PLA2018 App?

Speakers´ presentations will be made available on Thursday 22nd March through the app. You will receive a notification message through the app.

How do I take notes?
In order to take notes, you need to select “add notes” from the  3 bullets icon in the right top corner of any of the item you´d like to comment with personal notes. Notes are automatically saved and can be edited.

Your list of notes can be reached anytime by clicking the  star on the right bottom corner of the app.

How do I save the notes that I have taken?
Notes are saved online in your "Favorites & Notes " in addition to being saved inside the app. To access your notes for saving, select the "export" icon on top right. From there, select how you want to export your notes (Internet is required).

How do I send/retrieve messages to/from other attendees within the App?
To send a message to a PLA2018 attendee with a created profiled in the app, select "participants" on the app’s home screen. Next, select the name of the user to which you would like to send a message and then select the "Send Message" button on the navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen. Type and send.

Received messages can be found by selecting the "Messages" button located in the navigation bar at the top of the app’s main screen.

How do I locate the Exhibitors using the App?

You can identify the booth place of the exhibitors through the app via the “Interactive Map” page. Click on the map and review their activities, speakers, connection details and visit them at their booth

How do I connect with Sponsors that are not exhibiting?

Silver sponsors (workshop only) and sponsors that do not have booth at the exhibition hall. They can be identified in the sponsor page. Click on their logo and review their activities, connection details, identify the contact person and send message to meet.

Can I access the app from my computer?

There is a web version of the app with no social interaction. It allows you access to the content.

Please contact to receive link and password.

Quick Tips:

  1. If you are having trouble downloading content in the app, go to your mobile settings and verify that you have WiFi connectivity.
  2. To quickly navigate back to the main screen, you can touch the menu icon at the top left of any page.